"Ramstore", the first shopping center of independent Kazakhstan, was built in Almaty city in 1999 by "Migros Ticaret A.Ş." - one of the FMCG retail market leaders represented by the Migros and Macrocenter supermarket chains, and was reconstructed in 2017.

The main shareholders of "Migros Ticaret A.S." are one of the largest holdings in Turkey - "Anadolu Group" and the British company "BC Partners". The rest of the shares are listed on the Istanbul Stock Exchange.
"Anadolu Group" holding has extensive interests from finance and mechanization to the food industry, including the beer and soft drink markets in 19 countries, including Turkey, Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine. In Kazakhstan, the holding is represented by such brands as "Ramstore Kazakhstan", "Coca-Cola Kazakhstan", and "Efes Kazakhstan".

"Ramstore ALL In" mixed-use complex will perfectly fit into the routine of every resident and guest of Almaty city.

"Ramstore" is a symbol of new life not only for the residents of the southern capital, but for the people of Kazakhstan as a whole. The first traditions of family weekends, the first shopping, movies, and dinners with friends are associated with "Ramstore". The world is changing and our complex is changing with the world.
Today we are not just a shopping center. We are a Mixed-use Complex.
"Ramstore ALL In" is not only a convenient place for meetings in the business center of the city, but also dozens of destinations for work and leisure accessible in one place.
Boutiques with a large selection of clothing, including Kazakhstani designers
Business center
Restaurant area
Banking services
Beauty salon
Household goods: DIY stores, dry cleaning, services
Our complex has everything for your comfortable life!
Aytug Can
Serdyuk Bogdan
Director of the management company Ramstore ALL In
Alimbekova Madina
Director of Legal Department
Elvira Rustamova
Chief Accountant
Sabina Avchikhanova
Rent Department
N. Nazarbayev Ave, 226
Rental department
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