RULES OF PROMO – ramstore


The promo “Coca-Cola embodies your desires”

  1. Promotion period: 11/01 – 11/30/2019
  2. Prizes: 5 iPhone 11 Max Pro, 10 air pods, 500 eco-bags, 500 headphones, 500 plaids, 500 sports bottles.
  3. Mechanics: Buy 2 bottles of one liter Coca-Cola / Fanta / Sprite and get a scratch card on the information bureau, erase the protective tape on the scratch card and get the opportunity to win a prize.
    If a prize is indicated under the protective layer, then you can exchange the scratch card for a prize at any of the points of the Ramstore network participating in the activity.
    It is possible to exchange scratch cards for prizes until November 30, 2019 inclusive.
  4. The following stores participate in the Promotion:
    Ramstore Mega Silk Way Nur-Sultan city, District of Almaty 62 Kabanbay St.
    Ramstore Samal Nur-Sultan city, microdistrict Samal, house 11
    Ramstore Mega, Almaty, Rozybakiev str, 263
    Ramstore Mega Park, Almaty, Makataeva 127/1, Seyfulina 483
    Ramstore Mega Express , Almaty, Rozybakiev str, 247
    Ramstore Globus , Almaty, Abay str, 109 B, “Globus” sc
    Ramstore Samal , Almaty, Nazarbayev Ave, 226
    Ramstore Aport , Almaty, Almaty Bishkek road 15km, Aport sc
    Ramstore Atrium , Almaty, Nauryzbay Batyr str, 7b Atrium sc
    Ramstore Tastak , Almaty, Tole Bi str, 29
    Ramstore Almagul , Almaty, Almagul mcd, 18a
    Ramstore Koktem, Almaty, Timiryazev st, 37
  5. The procedure for receiving prizes
    Scratch cards could be exchanged in the stores participating in the promotion from 11/01/2019 to 11/30/2019.
    The prize will be issued only if there is a scratch card and a check (with the purchase of promotional products), a scratch card must be given to Ramstore employees when receiving prizes.
    Please note that in case you get the inscription: “Good luck ahead”, the goods you bought are not refundable.
  • Prizes amount is limited