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"Take Your Car!” promotion

(hereinafter the “Rules”)


  1. “Take Your Car!” promotion (hereinafter the “Promotion”) shall be conducted in Almaty and Astana, Kazakhstan, from 9 October 2017 through 9 January 2018, inclusive (“Promotion Period”).

Upon the Promotion completion at 15:00 (Astana time) on 15 January 2018 at Ramstore All In MFC at: 226 Furmanov Str., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan, a drawing shall take place where the prizes specified in Clause 13 hereof shall be distributed among all the Participants of the Promotion in the procedure established herein.

  1. Promotion Organizer: RAMSTORE KAZAKHSTAN LLP (hereinafter the “Organizer”), located at: 226 Furmanov Str., Medeusky District, Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan acting upon Star Home products LLP’s instructions.

The person ordering the Promotion: Star Home products LLP (hereinafter the “Customer”), located at: 147A, Bokeikhanov Str., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan (legal address: 63 Sharipov Str., Almaty, Republic of Kazakhstan).

  1. The Promotion shall be operated by BTL Global LLP, located at: 3rd Floor, Success Business Center, 1/1 Zhandossov Str., Almaty, Kazakhstan.
  2. The following individuals shall be eligible to participate in the promotion: Kazakhstan citizens 18 years of age and older permanently residing in Kazakhstan (hereinafter the “Participants”).
  3. The following persons shall not be permitted to participate in the Promotion:

5.1. the persons failing to meet the requirements set out in Clause 4 hereof;

5.2. employees and representatives of the Organizer and Customer as well as affiliates and family members thereof, employees and representatives of any third parties having contract relations with the Organizer and the Customer and involved in the Promotion arrangement, organization and conduct.

5.3. By participating in the Promotion the Participant shall confirm that he/she is fully aware of and agrees with these Rules, in particular, without limitation that he/she is aware of and agrees with the following:

  1. to participate in promotion interview regarding taking part in the Promotion (radio and TV interviews as well as those intended for any other mass media) and in taking photos and video recording by the Organizer and/or third parties based upon the Organizer’s instructions as well as to use of the generated photos and video recordings containing the Participant’s image without additional agreement for such a use without payment of any consideration for such a use including in mass media, in particular, for promotion purposes with the right to transfer the right to use such Participant’s photos and video recordings to any third parties;
  2. that the Organizer and the persons authorized thereby shall collect, process (including using automated tools), store, use, distribute for the purpose of the Promotion the Participants’ personal data in compliance with the necessary security measures of such data against unauthorized distribution.

The Participant shall be entitled to revoke this consent to use its personal data by sending a written notice thereof to the Organizer to the address specified in Clause 2 of these Rules.

In case the Organizer receives any notice of the consent revocation the Organizer and the persons authorized thereby shall terminate such Participant’s personal data processing and shall destroy such personal data within 3 (three) business days following the revocation receipt.

The Organizer shall not be liable for its failure to perform the actions related to the Promotion if such a failure resulted from the Participant’s personal data destruction due to revocation by the Participant of its consent to its personal data processing.

  • The Participant shall have the right to access its personal data. In order to exercise such a right the Participant shall send to the Organizer a written request to the address specified in Clause 2 hereof.
  1. In case of any third party claims against the Organizer as the result of a breach of any third party rights by the Participant in the course of the Promotion the Participant shall assume an obligation to independently settle such disputes.
  2. For the purpose of these Rules the slogan “Take Your Car!” implies 1 (one) Reno Logan to be drawn by the Organizer at the Promotion final on 15.01.2018.


  1. The Promotion Participant shall be entitled to:

- familiarize himself/herself with the Promotion terms and conditions;

- take part in the Promotion in the procedure determined herein;

- demand the transfer of the Grand and the Consolation Prize in compliance with the Promotion terms and conditions.


  1. The Promotion Participant shall:

- comply with the Promotion terms and conditions and to perform all actions related to participation in the Promotion and to receive Consolation Prizes and/or the Grand Prize by the time established in the Promotion terms and conditions;

- present his/her coupon (containing a unique number) to the Organizer and the receipt confirming the purchase in Ramstore network during applicable period and in compliance with these Rules when receiving the Consolation prize and/or the Grand Prize.

- check the condition of the Consolation prize and/or the Grand Prize (when receiving the Consolation Prize and/or the Grand Prize) as well as any defects thereof and immediately notify the Organizer’s representative thereof.  If as of the prize receipt the Promotion Participant (Winner) failed to make any claims with respect thereof, then the prize shall be deemed accepted in due condition without defects.

- upon the Customer’s decision the Grand Prize winner shall pay the amount of the individual income tax applicable to the income in the form of the prize as per applicable legislation as of the receipt thereof.

- the Participant shall have other rights and obligation provided for in the Promotion terms and conditions set out in the Rules and in compliance with applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  1. The Organizer and the Customer shall:

- together conduct the Promotion in compliance with these Rules;

- provide to the Participants (recognized winners in compliance with the terms and conditions of the Promotion set out herein) applicable Consolation Prizes and/or the Grand Prize except for the cases established herein;

- publish relevant information in the procedure established herein in case of the Promotion termination;

- the Customer shall pay for the Promotion Participants all taxes related to Consolation Prizes in cases established by applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


  1. The Organizer and the Customer shall be entitled to:

- amend and/or supplement these Rules and such amendments/supplements shall be notified to the Participants in the procedure established in the Rules including replacement of the Consolation Prizes specified in Clause 13.2 hereof with any property of equal value to be determined at the Organizer’s and Customer’s discretion.  In this case the Promotion Participants shall not be entitled to demand that the Promotion Organizer provides any additional compensation in case of such a replacement;

- refuse to transfer to the Participant the Grand Prize and/or the Consolation Prizes if any breach of the Promotion conditions is identified;

- not to get involved in any written negotiations or otherwise contact with the Participants except for the cases established in the Promotion conditions set out herein;

- refuse to consider the Participant’s claim in connection with his/her failure to receive the Grand Prize and/or the Consolation Prize if the Participant refused to receive thereof (the Grand Prize/the Consolation Prize may not be claimed by the Participant again);

- request from the Participant necessary information and documents provided herein;

- organize and conduct interviews regarding participation in the Promotion including interviews for radio, TV and any other mass media, arrange and conduct photo and video sessions with respect to the Promotion winners in connection with the Grand Prizes/Consolation Prizes within the Promotion, publish photo and video materials with the winners in any mass media and in Internet ( inclusive) upon the Promotion winners’ consent set out in Clause 4.3 hereof;

  1. The Promotion Organizer and the Customer shall not be entitled to provide information regarding the Promotion Participant to any third parties for the purposes unrelated to the Promotion except for the cases established in these Rules and applicable legislation of the Republic of Kazakhstan.


Promotion Terms and Conditions:

  1. In order to become the Promotion Participant (an individual meeting the requirements established in Clauses 3 and 4 of these Rules) shall take the following actions within the Promotion Period:

11.1. buy goods, i.e., Pasabahce TM products produced by Star Home products for the amount KZT 3,000 (Three Thousand Tenge) and more in any Ramstore supermarkets in Almaty and Astana listed in Clause 11.4 of these Rules, obtain a receipt confirming the Good acquisition.

11.2. visit the Promotion distribution center or in the information desk specified in Clause 11.4 hereof, present the receipt complying with the requirements hereof.  Upon the coupon presentation the Participant shall receive a coupon in the Promotion distribution center in compliance with Clause 11.1 (one coupon shall be provided for each purchase of Pasabahce TM products by Star Home products for the amount at least KZT 3,000, e.g., if Pasabahce TM products by Star Home products value amounts KZT 6,000 (Six Thousand), then 2 coupons shall be provided, KZT 9,000 (Nine Thousand) purchase shall make the purchaser eligible for 3 coupons, etc.).  The Participant shall fill out the coupon himself/herself.  One part of the coupon shall be placed into the coupon container and the second part and the original receipt shall be kept by the Participant until the drawing;

11.3.   The Grand Prize and the Consolation Prizes drawing shall take place upon the Promotion expiration, i.e., on 15 January 2018 in the procedure established herein.

The coupons may be obtained at the information desks of the following Ramstore supermarkets in Almaty and Astana:


  • Ramstore, 226 Furmanov Str., Almaty
  • Ramstore, 247a Rozybakiyev Str., Almaty
  • Ramstore, 7b Nauryzbay Batyr Str., Almaty
  • Ramstore, 229 Tole Bi, Almaty
  • Ramstore, 109B, Abay Ave., Almaty
  • Ramstore, 18A Almagul Microdistrict, Almaty
  • Ramstore, 127 Makatayev Str., Almaty
  • Ramstore, 11a 10 Microdistrict, Almaty
  • Ramstore, 37 Timiryazev Str., Almaty
  • Ramstore Express, 2 Orbita 2 Microdistrict, Almaty
  • Ramstore Express, 141/112 Abay Ave./Gagarin Str., Almaty
  • Ramstore, 17th km of Almaty-Bishkek highway to the east of Altyn Orda Market, Karassaisky Region, Almaty Oblast
  • Ramstore, 11 Samal Microdistrict, Astana
  • Ramstore, 34 Tauelsizdik Ave., Astana
  • Ramstore, 62 Kabanbay Batyr Ave., Astana


11.4. A coupon may be issued to the Participant in exchange for 1 (one) receipt amounting KZT 3,000 and more, complying with the requirements specified in Clause 11 of these Rules. One coupon shall be issued for each KZT 3,000 receipt, and 2 coupons shall be issued for a KZT 6,000 receipt, 3 coupons shall be provided for a KZT 9,000 receipt, etc.

  1. The following receipts shall not be accepted as an evidence of the purchase:

12.1. receipts with respect to goods purchased outside Ramstore network in Almaty and Astana;

12.2. receipts containing no goods mandatory for the Promotion specified in Clause 11.1 hereof;

12.3. receipts brought to the distribution center by the persons breaching the requirements set out in Clause 4 of these Rules;

12.4. receipts confirming the Goods purchase beyond the Promotion period and receipts brought to the distribution center prior to 9 October 2017 and after 9 January 2018.


  1. Promotion Prizes Pool:

13.1. For the purpose of these Rules the following shall be deemed the “Prize”:

13.1.1. One hundred (100) consolation prizes in the form of Pasabahce TM products provided by Star Home products LLP that will be drawn in the Promotion Finals.

13.1.2. “Grand Prize” shall mean 1 Reno Logan vehicle to be drawn at the Promotion Finals.

The Prizes Pool shall be generated at the cost and expense of the Customer.

13.2. The total number of the Consolation Prizes to be drawn during the Promotion period: 100 (one hundred) consolation prizes.

The number of the Promotion Consolation Prizes shall be limited to the number specified above in this Clause of the Rules.

The Organizer and the Customer at their discretion shall determine the parameters of the Promotion Consolation Prizes which may conflict with the Participants’ expectation and may differ from those provided in the promotion and information materials.

13.3. The total number of the Promotion Grand Prizes shall be 1 (one) standard configuration Reno Logan vehicle.

13.4. No Promotion Consolation Prizes and the Grand Prize shall be transferred in cash equivalent or exchanged thereto.


  1. Promotion Consolation Prizes provision

14.1. The Promotion Consolation Prizes shall be distributed to the Participants who duly participated in the Promotion and won the drawing in compliance with these Rules.

14.2. The Participants who completed the actions specified in Clause 11 hereof shall be entitled to participate in the drawing to take place on 15 January 2018.

14.3. The Consolation Prizes shall be distributed among the Promotion winners.

14.4. Following the Consolation Prize receipt the Promotion Participant shall become the owners thereof and shall bear the risk of accidental loss or damage thereof.

14.5. If the Promotion Participant refuses to obtain the Promotion Consolation Prize for any reasons the Organizer together with the Customer shall retain its right to reduce the total number of the Promotion Consolation Prizes respectively.  In this case the Guaranteed Consolation Prizes specified in this clause following the Promotion completion shall not be distributed and shall be used by the Organizer together with the Customer at their discretion.


  1. The Grand Prize Transfer Procedure

15.1. Total number of the Promotion Grand Prizes: one Reno Logal vehicle.

15.2. The Promotion Participant shall actually participate in the Promotion upon presentation of the coupon containing the Promotion Participant’s personal data (full name, telephone number(s)).

15.3. The Promotion Prizes Pool distribution results shall be recorded in applicable protocols prepared during the Promotion as specified in Clause 1 hereof.  Such protocols shall be signed by the representatives of the Organizer and the Customer before a notary and an independent expert of ADAL Consumers Protection Society.

15.4. Within 3 (three) business days following entrance of the Participant’s data into the Protocol the authorized representative of the Promotion Organizer shall notify such a Promotion Participant over the telephone numbers entered into the protocol of the necessity to personally present the following documents: identity card or passport (containing INN) to the Organizer’s representative with respect to the Grand Prize.  The Participant shall provide the copies of such documents and the coupon of the Grand Prize winner to the Promotion Organizer’s representative as of the request preparation.  The Promotion Participant’s personal data shall match the data specified in the Participant’s coupon.

15.5. Within 5 (five) business days following the notice the Promotion winner shall provide the Organizer with all the documents necessary to transfer the Grand Prize. The Consolation Prizes shall be transferred as of the drawing if the Participant has his/her identity card and IIN on him/her.

Below please find the data necessary to obtain the Promotion prize:

- surname, name, patronymic;

- identity car number;

- date of birth;

- contact telephone number with the city code;

- actual residential address with the ZIP code;

- IIN;

- personal signature with the Prize receipt confirmation and date thereof.

15.6. If the Promotion winner fails to get its prize within 10 (ten) business days following the date specified by the Organizer’s authorized representative in the Participant’s request, the Grand Prize shall be deemed unclaimed.

15.7. If the Winner refuses to fill out the Document confirming the receipt of the Grand Prize and in case it provides incomplete information and/or if he/she fails to provide or delays provision of the documents listed in Clauses 15.5. and 15.6 hereof or any part thereof, then the winner shall be deemed rejecting the relevant Grand Prize.

15.8. When the Promotion Winner refuses to obtain the Grand Prize he/she shall provide the Promotion Organizer with the document confirming his/her refusal to obtain the Grand Prize and containing the data from his/her identity card, date and signature of the Winner specified.

15.9. The Promotion winner of the Grand Prize shall not be entitled to obtain a Consolation Prize.  The winner shall become the owner of the Grand Prize upon the receipt thereof and shall bear the risk of its accidental loss or damage.

15.10. If the Grand Prize winner fails to claim it and if he/she refuses to take the Grand Prize for any reason whatsoever, then the Organizer together with the Promotion Customer shall reserve its right to dispose of the relevant Prize at its own discretion.


  1. Procedure of Notifying the Promotion Participants of the Promotion Rules

16.1.  The Participants may familiarize themselves with the detailed terms and conditions of the Promotion at, at a free hot line + 7 727 330 55 66 (24x7 during the Promotion period).

16.2. Some information regarding the Promotion may be found in published promotion materials.

16.3. Information regarding amendments to the Promotion terms and conditions, termination thereof, including early termination of the Promotion shall be published at



  1. Other Terms and Conditions

17.1. All Promotion Organizer’s resolutions regarding the Promotion shall be deemed final and shall apply to all Participants.

17.2. The Organizer shall not be liable for

  1. The Promotion Participant’s inability to familiarize himself/herself with these Rules;
  2. The failure to perform or delay the performance by the Promotion Participants of their obligations set out in these Rules;
  • Correctness, accuracy and authenticity of personal data, contact and other information specified by the Promotion Participants in the tear-off coupons of the Promotion Participants’ questionnaires as well as the resulting inability to contact the Participants at the specified contact numbers and to use the information obtained from the Participants to distribute Presents thereto for the reasons beyond the control of the Organizer and for the reasons related (without limitation) to the telephone communication operators’ services quality;
  1. Failure to obtain from the Promotion Participants of money certificates and/or Grand Prizes if unclaimed or refused by the Participants;
  2. Damage to life, health and/or moral and/or psychological trauma of the Participants in connection with their participation in the Promotion;
  3. Any other costs and expenses that the Participants may incur to participate in the Promotion including, without limitation, those related to transportation.



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