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Attention, false announcement!

Attention, false announcement!  False information regarding Ramstore supermarkets network operations is being distributed in WhatsApp.  Users receive information that from 15 October through 15 November free mammologist screenings under a behavior change campaign dedicated to breast cancer prevention #I’ve got screened (#Япрошла) will be conducted in our shops.  The message is as follows: “Dear girls, a new BCC has been launched in Kazakhstan dedicated to breast cancer prevention.  Please undergo the screening on time and save your life. From 15 October through 15 November an ultrasound scanning will be conducted in Ramstore shops during week-ends.  There you will be screened free of charge and get an advise of a mammologist.  The screening will be conducted in Ramstore (Tastak) in Almaty and Ramstore (Samal 11) in Astana.  #I’ve got screened (#Япрошла) campaign has been commenced!  Inform your mothers, sisters and friends!”