In addition to standard procedures according to cleaning plans and disinfection instructions, in all of our supermarkets, all surfaces of the checkout counter, shopping cart holders, shopping basket handles, POS terminals and cashier’s hands begin to be processed simultaneously in the morning before opening and at night after closing the supermarket, and also exactly at 11:00, 14:00, 17:00 and 20:00 every day in the supermarkets Ramstore Samal and Mega in Almaty and Astana and Mega Silkway in the city of Nur Sultan. All other Ramstore supermarkets, in addition to morning and evening treatment, carry out disinfection treatment at exactly 12.00 and 15.00 h.
Simultaneously with the cash desks, upon a signal from the supermarket administration, this procedure will be carried out in all counter areas (meat, fish, bakery, gastronomy, cooking, cafes, dried fruits and nuts, etc.)

The content of the procedure:
•The procedure is performed in each supermarket daily in the morning before opening and at night after closing, and is also repeated without fail during the day according to the above schedule.
• In supermarkets, where there is an information desk and microphone, the beginning of the procedure is announced by speakerphone.
• After the signal, the cashier completes all current cash transactions with the client, after closing the check, informs that the cash desk has been closed and begins disinfection. At the time of decontamination, the cash desk should be closed to customer service.
• POS terminals that customers touch with their hands to enter a PIN code are treated with a spray disinfectant using a clean microfiber cloth. Disinfectant is sprayed onto a cloth that wipes the appliance.
• Each cashier first removes all dirt on the cash register and box, and then treats the indicated surfaces with a disinfectant spray and wipes with a clean, damp microfiber cloth.
• Further, the cashier carefully treats his hands with an antiseptic at the entrance / exit to the supermarket, and does not touch any objects until the disinfectant is completely dry on his hands.
• The cashier can then proceed with customer service.
• In addition to performing the procedure, it was recommended that all employees wash their hands every hour for 20 seconds with soap and plenty of water, and try not to touch their faces with their hands.
• A specially appointed employee during these hours decontaminates the holders of free shopping trolleys and basket handles with a spray disinfectant and carefully wipes them with a clean, damp microfiber cloth. Attention! Carts / baskets in which the products lie are not processed!
• After the carts and baskets have dried, they are exposed for use. Until completely dry, please all customers be patient and wait, this is not long.
• In supermarkets where there is such an opportunity, in order to ensure ventilation for the time of decontamination, the doors of the entrance and exit are kept open.
• The head of the supermarket strictly monitors the implementation of the procedure and monitors the processes of decontamination in the bakery, culinary, fish and other counter departments.

Dear customers, a safe distance of 1 (one) meter protects us all. For your safety, please stick to the markings. To increase your security level, we recommend using a non-cash contactless payment method.
• All counter departments (meat, gastronomy, bakery, fish, cooking, cafes, etc.) are processed according to a signal (counters, glass counters and display cases, tables and chairs, common objects in cafes). Department employees treat their hands with an antiseptic.
• The described procedure is mandatory both before the opening and after the closure of the supermarket.
• All company employees are familiar with the procedure.